Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nutmeg high generates a really bad hangover

For a lot of young adults searching for modified consciousness, a nutmeg high may seem like a good option. The substance myristicin found in nutmeg does produce hallucinations. It’s not entirely a pleasant thing to have a nutmeg high, though. Most accounts state that a nutmeg high includes a lot of unpleasant unwanted effects. Post resource – Nutmeg high – Hallucinogenic spice produces legendary hangover by Money Blog Newz.

All about the nutmeg high

There isn't a nutmeg high. It’s all a lie. Myristicin is the organic substance nutmeg is made from. This substance can also be found in dill, parsley and other spices. Parasympathetic nerve impulses such as nerve fibers are stopped by myristicin. The psychoactive effects occur due to this. There is one thing that the nutmeg high comes from. It is a toxic reaction that acute anticholinergic syndrome starts. Limbs will get warm with some hallucinations. The euphoria feeling that a "high" gets you is not what a nutmeg high does.

Nutmeg high unwanted effects

Double-vision, blurred vision, decreased body temperature, sore throat, dry mouth and loss of coordination are all side effects to a nutmeg high. Those who have tried a nutmeg high report it comes with a hangover that is “legendary.”. Nutmeg highs cause difficulty urinating. Also, most are paranoid with it.

Food-drugs all over the place with nutmeg

Though there is a rising outrage from The Georgia Poison Center, among other groups, the reality is that a nutmeg high isn’t the only “high” that you are able to achieve with something already as part of your kitchen. Volatile compounds in food create flavor. Medications, both homeopathic and pharmaceutical, use these volatile compounds. Many trying to get a buzz know exactly how to do it. This makes the line between food and medicine even worse. In general, a nutmeg high is not dangerous unless somebody ingests extreme amounts of nutmeg, and in all likelihood, they’ll try it only once.

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